Preludier av Martin Skafte

Den 2 december släpper skivbolaget Toccata ett nyinspelat album med Martin Skaftes 24 Preludier inspelade av pianisten Jonas Olsson.
Hör Peter Jablonski spela tre av preludierna från en konsert på Konstakademien i Stockholm, 23 april 2022.

Preludium nr 5 ur Bok I, Linjer och tidslinjer (…Danseuses…)
Preludium nr 9 ur Bok II, En tid för allt (… General Lavine …)
Preludium nr 12 ur Bok I, Inte idag (… La cathédrale…)

“Each of the 24 Preludes are – in one way or another – inspired by one of the 24 Préludes by Debussy. Sometimes the connections are obvious, and sometimes they are not. The thought behind creating the suite was initially to learn more about the peculiarities of Debussy’s music, which I wanted to understand more from a composer’s point of view, through actual practice of composing.
The overarching idea through the first book of the suite is that of a music gradually taking shape under the influence of Debussy. As Debussy’s influence eventually begins to take over, it is then time to try to extract the core experiences from the influence and move on from there, hopefully a lot richer from the experience.
The second book is then all about trying to refine and personalise the musical voice that emerged through the process. The pieces here are more interconnected than in Book 1, since they need something more than just the slowly fading connections with Debussy’s originals to keep it together as a whole.”
– Martin Skafte